Recent Publications

        Threepenny Review
“Final Snow of the Season”

      Copper Nickel
“Worth Burning”

“Barnfall,” “Painted Lady,” “Rewiring the Chandelier,” “Rods and Cones,” “The Gamble, 1992”

      The Southern Review
“Blue Collar,” “Doctoring His Death”

      Gulf Coast

      Black Warrior Review
“Masturbating for My Life”

     Colorado Review
“Clamming,” “Maysville, NC”

    Indianapolis Review
Important Things,” “Randy Meets My Mom

Closet Case,” “Matriarch,” “My Father’s Oak Dresser,” “Sheraton by the Airport

      West Trade Review
Chronology of the Closet,” “Gluttons,” “Styrofoam Cup Filled with Peels”

      Bellevue Literary Review
“Weeping Pillow”

“A Diner Along the Ocean”