Curriculum Vitae

M.F.A. Poetry, George Mason University, 1996
Awarded a Teaching Assistance Fellowship

B.A. English & Anthropology, Summa Cum Laude, East Carolina University, 1992

Best New Poets 2024 nomination by Apple Valley Review for “A Good, Long Steep”
Black Lawrence Press, St. Lawrence Book Award, Finalist for Worth Burning, 2023
Black Warrior Review’s 2023 Poetry Contest Finalist for “Masturbating for My Life”
Button Poetry Chapbook Contest, Semifinalist for Letting the Dead Inside, 2023
Michigan Quarterly Review’s Goldstein Prize in Poetry, Finalist, 2024
Nimrod International Journal, Pablo Neruda Prize Finalist & Honorable Mention for “Barnfall,”
“The Gamble,” “Painted Lady,” “Rewiring the Chandelier,” “Rods and Cones,” 2023
OSU Press/The Journal Wheeler Prize for Poetry, Semifinalistfor Worth Burning, 2024
Palette Poetry, Longlist for 2023 Resistance & Resilience Prize for “Guarding the Coop,”
“Possession,” “What My Uncle’s Dead Lovers Left Behind”
Saturnalia Poetry Book Prize, Semifinalist for Worth Burning, 2023.
Southern Indiana Review, Michael Waters Poetry Prize, Finalist for Worth Burning, 2023
92nd Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition, Honorable Mention for “Removing the Feeding Tube,”
“What My Uncle’s Dead Lovers Left Behind,” 2023.
Texas Review Press, Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize Runner Up, 2023
Pushcart Prize nomination by Nunum for “The Sculptor,” 2022
Washington Review Poetry Award winner, 1994
Wolfson Press Poetry Chapbook Contest, Finalist for “Letting the Dead Inside,” 2024

Worth Burning, Black Lawrence Press, forthcoming February 2026

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