New Year’s Eve 2020


Since the pandemic, no parties, no peopleon the street waiting for the ball to drop,just my husband and a couple of friends. We drive to our cottage near the beachto celebrate new beginningssomeplace new, at least to get awayfrom the sameness that has begun to suffocate:the same four walls, same floor and ceiling,even the Amazon boxes that collect weeklyin the recycling. Here the walls are a...

Spring Flowers in a Vase


The husband brings home a vase filled with white daisies because he knows his wife likes surprises, and there have been so few lately. The vase is clear with internal cracks that don’t quite run through the entire side. He had joked with the cashier that he hoped it would hold water, which it does as his wife fills it and places it in the middle of the kitchen island. The vase bereft of...

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